Environmental Home Assessment

The aim was to get a measure of the house’s efficiency (or lack of it) before we began the renovation. Then when we finish the green renovation we will get another one done to see what difference has been made.

There are a number of software packages used to measure house efficiency. There are also online assessments that you can do yourself. We opted to use an energy efficiency assessor based in Launceston. He visited on 24th July and took a copy of the plan of the house that I had drawn up plus measured the window sizes. From this the software can work out the likely temperature ranges in every room in the house in Summer or Winter. Eventually we will end up with an Energy Rating Certificate. As we receive new information we will update this page.

Wayne Gorman, 3 in one Building Assessment

P.O. Box 407, Prospect Vale 7250

 Ph        (03) 6331 2612

Fax      (03) 6331 2612

Mob     0409 796574

Email     waynegorman@bigpond.com

We found the details through the Home Ideas Centre in Launceston.

There are several software packages that rate the thermal efficiency of a house in Australia. Every State has different benchmarks for house efficiency. The best website that I could find for explanation and links to the relevant websites is Wikipedia

A great check list that you can work through to help with a more energy efficienthouse is the Online Home Energy Assessment Tool by the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance. Very useful

A great PDF guide is available at the Tasmanian Government website.  It is called the Cool Communities Guide

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