A 2.9 Star Rating ….. Wow!!

NHERS Rating November 2008

NHERS Rating November 2008

Well from August to November and we had not heard from our energy assessment person so I contacted Tony Butters from Lateral Drafting,   Tony is a memebr of ABSA (Association of Building Sustainabilty Assessors) and uses AccuRate software to find out the thermal efficiency of your home. One week after a visit by Tony we had not only our star rating, which lets face it is not very high, but relatively easy ways to get it to a five star rating.

I have since heard from Wayne Gorman and he has emailed me a star rating that is somewhat different. I have noticed that each assessment is based on a different size internal area and have to find out which one is correct. We will probably travel down both paths to see where they take us. they should in theory be very close.

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