It’s Finished !! First room renovated

finished room all furnished

finished room all furnished

Well the first room is finally finished. We now have a bedroom to call our own. There are a couple of jobs still to do; pelmets are needed before colder weather arrives and the door needs painting and decorating.
The room is light and airy with the curtains providing colour and the floor has a gentle sheen thanks to two coats of Volvox hard oil and a fantatstic mix of Carnubra wax and pure turpentine witha few drops of Lavender oil added for fragrance.
From a sustainable point of view the room adds up fairly well.
  • Woollen batts for insulation
  • Natural clay paint on walls & ceiling
  • Natural oil finish on floor
  • Natural oil finish on all timber architraves, skirting, window frames & door frames
  • Volvox Pro Aqua natural paint on window frames
  • Flyscreens recycled from Eco-Salv in Launceston, cut down and re-screened
  • Brass bed from garage sale
  • Bedside tables made from old dressing table
  • Chair in corner given by friend
  • Dressing table bought for $25 and painted, distressed, and waxed
before we started with built in robe

before we started with built in robe

bedroom 2 finished

bedroom 2 finished

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