Door dreaming. Transforming hollow core doors.

All the doors in the house are boring flat plywood hollow core doors painted with a variety of  acrylic paint colours from baby blue to puce. YUM !!

We looked at replacing them with a set of older doors but finding enough interesting doors with the right measurements could have taken a lifetime. Then it came to us. A hollow core door is only two thin layers of plywood over a core of honeycomb cardboard or strips of timber with a thicker timber surround so it is a canvas on which to do anything.

This is exactly what we did.

  • Stripping the paint off
stripping the paint off

stripping the paint off

  • Cutting the holes
cutting the holes

cutting the holes

  • Inserting the “Copper” panels
"copper" panels

“copper” panels

  • Painting the door with Bio natural enamel paint
painting the door

painting the door

  • The finished thing in all it “coppery” glory
finished door hung on bedroom 2 door frame

finished door hung on bedroom 2 door frame

The finished fakery. The construction details are simple. The wooden frames are cut down picture frames bought from various tip shps for a dollar or two with a rebate cut in the back of them to set them into the door. The “Copper” panels are Anaglypta embossed wallpaper which we sourced from the very helpful people at 3d Inspirations, Launceston, painted with Haymes copper paint finished with a “Patina” flicked onto it with a toothbrush. The copper paint has real copper  in it and the “Patina” ages it just like copper ages in the air. The door is painted with Bio natural oil based paint and the door handles are the original ones cleaned up with metho and steel wool

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