Solar System Connected at last!!


Conergy Inverter finally in action


Well it has only taken eight weeks and three days but our Conergy grid connect system is finally producing power. It only took Aurora Energy approx 2 hours to move the meter and two electricians from the company that installed the system on 5th JANUARY 2009 to cut a tag and flick two switches.

The process has been convoluted with absolutely no communication from Aurora. All contact was initiated by us and we were passed from pillar to post. The people we dealt with on the phone were to be fair as helpful as they were able to be, but they were stymiedby faceless people in faceless departments who it appears are unable to communicate. If only they had competition in this State of Tasmania. I will be writing a letter of complaint and making sure that it heard by anybody who needs to listen. With all the talk of climate change and lots more people trying to do the correct thing then having this sort of experience with a utilities company that seems archaic in its practices and certainly does not appear to meet its charter that is on their website is not condusive to change. Do they want change??? Hmmmm!!

On the plus side you do get a warm and fuzzy feeling when the inverter comes to life in the morning and Watts start trickling into the system.


The Aurora meter

The Aurora meter

Our 1kw grid connect system

Our 1kw grid connect system

2 thoughts on “Solar System Connected at last!!

  1. Just got my solar panels up and running – 25 days from ordering to be feeding into/off the grid, so Aurora have got their act together since your install. Can’t wait for my next electricity bill!

  2. Ah, I’m jealous! Not of your trials, of course. Just the system 🙂

    Part of me wants to pull the trigger on the panels and part says wait a few and the technology will change. And prices will come down…

    Good luck!

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