Swedish Stripper finishes first act!

window and wall stripped

window and wall stripped


Well finally I have finished stripping the first section of  the house. I had to use a heat gun on the corners and under the eves. The I-Strip worked really well on the long runs. Being on rails it could heat up a section whilst I was scraping the area that had just been heated. I think it was well worth the investment. It should save alot of time as I work my way round the house.

One thought on “Swedish Stripper finishes first act!

  1. That’s really interesting. I have a piece of pine (? – not sure yet!) sideboard furniture that I want to strip of paint. I wanted to avoid using chemical stripper but judging by the results of the non-heat options, it looks like that might still be the best option for the moment.

    However, if I were doing a whole property, I’d certainly look for one of the I-Strips. The results look great! I never expected the underlying wood to look so good.

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