Swedish strippers tale continues

My lovely swedish stripper’s tale is ongoing. I have started to strip a section of the front of the house and it is saving alot of time. With the rail set up it is very easy to use on long runs of weatherboard. While one section is heating I strip the one that has just been heated with the very sharp scrapers supplied.

I Strip set up on rails

I Strip set up on rails


working with the I-strip

working with the I-strip

As soon as it stops raining I will be finishing the first section of house and then painting it before moving on to the next section. I-Strip certainly makes a tedious job a bit less tedious

5 thoughts on “Swedish strippers tale continues

  1. Hey Sean,
    we’re in Launceston and about to strip the paint from our weatherboard house so your blog has been very helpful. We were wondering if you still had your speedheater and if you would want to hire it out.

  2. Gotta love that speedheater.

    Where did you get this particular hands-free mounting system? I’ve never seen it before, i-Strip doesn’t seem to sell it and I can’t find it in the US, either.

    Can you rotate the speedheater orientation between vertical and horizontal as you work with this mount?

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