A Swedish Stripper from New Zealand !!


The stripper saga continues!


After trying various strippers I came across a different kind of stripper from Sweden.  A redhead in fact.

It is called a Speedheater and uses two infrared elements to heat up the paint. Invented in Sweden it is designed to not heat the paint enough to release the plumbic gas which is given off by lead based paints therefore much safer than heat guns or blowtorches.

speedheater in action

speedheater in action

Distributed by I-Strip from New Zealand it is not the cheapest tool in the world but it compares to the total price we would have to have paid for chemical strippers and we will have it to use again and again.

Heat it unti it bubbles
Heat it until it bubbles

I found quite a bit of information on US based websites singing its praises and there are lots of photo’s on the I-Strip website. It arrived today and first results are very promising. It heats an area in about 30 – 60 seconds which you then strip using their very good Swedish scraper. We bought a package that includes a slider sytem which you screw to the house and allows you to be heating an area whilst scraping the area that was previously heated.scrape it off

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