Strippers !!!

Not what you might think though.  These strippers were environmentally friendly and were being tested on our exterior weatherboards to see which one worked the best before we bought large amounts to remove many layers of paint.

We trialled three different strippers.

  • Peel Away, a product that you layer on and then cover with a plastic sheeting. This is supposed to encasulate the paint.
  • Bio Stripper. Made by Bio Paints.
  • Soy Gel. Made in the USA based upon Soy Beans.

Peel Away trial product

peel away result

peel away result

Soy Gel result

Soy Gel result

Result of Bio Stripper

Result of Bio Stripper

The Soy Gel product showed the most promise, however it would take an awful lot of stripper to remove the six layers of paint that are on the 80 square meters of weatherboard and 40 square meters of window frames.
We had used methylated spirits ti see if the paint was acrylic or oil based and this test told us that the paint layers were acrylic. (if  you wipe a metho soaked rag on the paint and the colour comes off then it is probably acrylic paint) However this did not make sense as the house is from the early 1950’s and acrylic based exterior paints were not in common use back then. This was a niggle as if there was oil based enamel paint then it would likely be lead based. After more internet research we emailed and The Lead Group Inc  a website dedicated to eradicating lead poisoning.  I wanted to find out whether lead would have been present in acrylic paints. The answer was no but that some oil based paints can dissolve in methylated spirits and that we should purchase a lead test kit. Which we duly did from a paint retailer and tried it on  the deepest layer of paint and it showed up as lead based.
pink means lead is present !!

pink means lead is present !!

2 thoughts on “Strippers !!!

    • Hi Mike

      I tested the paint stripper first then decided to look for a better way and bought the speedheater and used it right round the house. It was a much better option, well worth the cost as I get to use it time after time.

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