Painting the first part of the house

The paint arrived from The Designer Paint Company in Melbourne. Mandy & I decided to use Rockcote for the weatherboards. Rockcote is made in Queensland and is non VOC and as environmentally friendly as an acrylic paint can be. After much research we decided on this compromise for the outside as we could not find a totally natural paint that would do the job and dry relatively quickly, have longevity and handle UV. It is also GECA accredited (Good Environmental Choice Australia) as well as being on the Ecospecifier website. GECA conduct rigorous tests on not only the product but the packaging in which it comes.

Rockote undercoat

Rockcote undercoat

First coat Rockote undercoat

First coat Rockcote undercoat

First coat Rockote topcoat

First coat Rockcote topcoat

 Finished with Rockcote, windows undercoated with Oikos
The window frames are being painted using an Oikos product from Italy. Yet again it is GECA accredited. It is a very high quality water based enamel with very low VOC content and able to be tinted to any colour without upping the VOC levels. It is also going on beautifully.

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