Energy Assessment update !!

I’ve been meaning to update this for a little while. This illustrates how bloody easy it is to upgrade a house to nearly five stars. It also highlights how the building industry only has to pay lip service to insulation and draughtproofing.

Now here in Tasmania new houses only have to have a four star energy rating. They are being dragged kicking and screaming up to five stars when most of theother States in Australia are opting for six stars.

OK bear in mind that when we first moved into our bog standard 1950’s three bedroom weatherboard house we rated a measly 2.9 stars. This was done by an assessor accredited by the Association of Building Sustainability Assessors  using their software. That was with pink batts in the roof and that was all in the insulation department.

Now all we have done is

  • R1 insulation blanket added when we replaced the roof
  • Cellulose insulation pumped into the external walls
  • Draught proofed doors and windows

And now we are at 4.7 stars. No double glazing, nothing fancy. How bloody easy is it. Yet I am still seeing everyday bloody brick venereal disease houses with black tiles on the roof and a wee bit of sisilation and maybe pink batts in the roof. Builders payingthe barest minimum possible to the rules and who cares about the power bill. Steam comes out of my ears.

4.7 stars yeah!

4.7 stars yeah!

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