June meanderings.


Winter is upon us and I think we are starting to hibernate. The Tassie government certainly is. We want to put plans into local council for a new garage but we have to have a Crown access licence so that we can legally access our land by vehicle. They took our money back in early April and now we just get excuse after excuse. Very frustrating. Steam out of ears. Deep breath and count to ten.

SO what has happened in June. No major exciting stuff this month but progress goes forward. We got our $8000 solar rebate back from Federal Government. With that we decided to buy backour Renewable Energy Certificates so that our energy generated becomes 100% new renewable energy rather than some dirty energy provider being able to use our REC’s  as a way of saying that they are supplying green clean energy. Of course it is not as easy as that but see the post on buying back your REC’s for all the details. 

Completed berry bed

Completed berry bed

We have put in a Berry garden and moved the blackcurrants which are beginning to bud. Also planted Raspberries, Strawberries and Rhubarb. YUM YUM. All no dig with lots of Alpaca Poo and straw and mushroom compost. 

Garden edging with Gabby garden angel

Garden edging with Gabby garden angel

 Front garden got garden edging and we are awaiting a load or two of wood chips from local tree people. It will turn up when they find themselves out this way. 

Inside I made more pelmets and finished the two interior doors with their fanatstic pressed metal panels (See door dreaming post for the info) and started the front door. Talking of which I better sign off and get on with the practicalities of renovating.

Lateral Drafting have finished the plans for the extension and we went down to have a look. There were one or two minor things but by next week we will be ready to put them through the local Council. When I get them emailed I will update the plans Posts with them.

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