Front door fantasy

As the weather gets colder and wetter so I look for more indoor work. This week I removed the front door, boarded up the hole and got to work rebuilding the front door.

Original door was Tassie oak framed with four panels of dimply horrible glass painted baby blue on one side and puce on the other.

Original look of front door

Finished entrance hall

Finished entrance hall

I took all the glass out, stripped off the paint, sanded, sanded and inserted a new cross piece of Tassie oak across where the lock is situated. After looking around for something to put in the lower part of the door we settled on a pressed tin panel which we bought from Reliquaire  in LaTrobe who supply lots of restoration supplies.

pressed tin panel

pressed tin panel 

Copper paint was applied on the inside panel.

copper paint with patina treatment

copper paint with patina treatment

Then the panel was inserted into the door and a huon pine surround was added on the inside and a hardwood surround made from fence palings put through the thicknesser. Lastly a panel of safety glass was inserted into the top of the door and the whole thing put back where it belongs.

front door from outside

front door from outside


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