Draft Stoppa installation


The insulating of the house has been a great success with a noticeable difference in the temperature in the house during this winter.  However every time I was in the shower with the exhaust fan on I couldn’t help thinking that all a fan is, is a big hole (approx 30cm) in the ceiling down which cold air falls from the roof.

After reading an advert in Renew magazine I investigated Draft Stoppas. Australian made they are basically a two part plastic shroud that fits over the fan unit in the roof. It has two balanced hinged lid sections that when the fan is  on are forced up by the force of the fan. When you switch off gravity makes them shut. Attention to detail is good with a small silicone or rubber absorber that ensures that the lid makes no noise when it shuts. Easy to install and cost about $35.00. Available from all good hardware stores in Australia, check out their website for a list of distributors and other products. It is a cheap way to stop alot of cold air pouring into your bathroom or kitchen or wherever an exhaust fan is installed.



Draftstoppa open lid
Draftstoppa open lid
draftstoppa installed in roof amongst insulation

draftstoppa installed in roof amongst insulation

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