Native trees planted

Tessa dog planting squeaky toys

Tessa dog planting squeaky toys

emma planting trees
Emma planting trees

In June our friend Emma came down from Northern NSW to the cold of Tassie to help out for a week. Part of what we wanted to achive was the planting of some native trees and shrubs in a corner of the garden.

Luckily just up towards the Great Western Tiers at Liffey is a fantastic native plant nursery Habitat Plants. We visited them one morning and asked how many plants, what would grow at Westbury, what size of trees etc etc etc. The advice was great and we came away with twenty two plants. All tube stock and all Tasmanian natives that should grow at Westbury.

The next afternoon we dug holes all over the garden and planted them. A week later I made tree guards from chicken wire taken from the Turkey yard when we demolished that last year. Not much goes to the tip from our place.

Tessa planting trees

Tessa planting trees









Difficult to see but the trees are all surviving and should do well. A couple of years from now and it will start to look great.

tree guards

tree guards

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