Sustainable House Day 2009 September 13th

September 13th 2009  Mandy & I are opening our house up as part of Sustainable House Day. It is on 13th September and five houses in Northern Tasmania are opening up their doors as part of a national day. All sorts of houses are opening to the public to show what sustainablity is in the home. Come along and have a look at five very different homes around the Meander Valley in Northern Tasmania and see what it is all about.

I approached the Sustainable House Day organisers to find out what was required to enter our house. It turned out that Community groups were being encouraged to run local events as part of the day and get paid for each house that was opened. Part of the payment was to go to the householders.

In our area there are quite a number of alternative, sustainable dwellings and soon five came forward to be part of it. The community group is The Friends of Jackeys Marsh who run an event “The Jackeys Marsh Forest Festival”. Next year it is to be a carbon neutral event with a sustainable expo, music, and art walks as part of the activities. What a brilliant combination. Sustainable House Day allow the groups to advertise on their website and organise national media coverage while we do the same at a local level.

Sustainable House Day is a great concept and has been run for a number of years. Come along and be part of 2009.

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