Sustainable House Day Wrap Up

WOW !!! What can we say.

At 10.00am on Sunday 13th September we opened our house up for Sustainable House Day. Five other houses in the Meander Valley in Northern Tasmania also opened their doors. All very different in style and with many areas of sustainablity from stand alone solar power to natural paints and finishes, composting toilets and reed beds to various hot water systems and lots more.

We thought that we would see about 50 people in the day. WELL it was approx 200 all armed to the teeth with questions, clipboards and maps. That was repeated in each house. The feedback that we have had has been fantastic and we will be looking to do it again nextyear.

The Sustainable House Day team at SHMECO who ran it this year did a fantastic job of coordinating the 170 houses that opened nationally, not an easy job, so thank you Judy, Pia and Belinda, well done.

So after spending a while cleaning up the house to within an inch of its life and getting lots of little jobs done it is back to the task of renovating in a sustainable fashion. On that front we have just got our builders permit andlined up a great person to assist us in the building of our extension so full steam ahead.

I will update about specific topics at a later time.

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