Front Porch – small beginnings of the building project.

The old rotten porch

Just before Sustainable House Day the old rotten porch was removed. I then had the month of October to strip and repaint the weatherboards, front door and bedroom window frames before Andy, the builder started on rebuilding a new porch.

Front of house without porch and repainted

Now you might wonder why bother with the front porch. It looks ok without one. Well the main reason is because the front faces the South it gets alot of the windy weather and the front door although draught proofed still lets in alot of cold wind in the winter. The new porch will have a door on the East End and thus will act as an airlock keeping out the majority of the nasty weather.


Construction wise we have opted to build the framing in Eco-Ash which is a sustainable hard wood priced about the same as plantation pine but as the rest of the house is hard wood it is in keeping. This was after much research. We obtained it from Timber World in Meander which is as green as a timber supplier gets in Tasmania. Bronte was very helpful in which choices were available. There is no Forest Stewardship Council chain of custody timber available in Tassie.

Porch rebuilding starts

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international, membership based, non-profit organisation founded in 1993 by environmentalists, social interest groups, indigenous peoples’ organisations, responsible retailers and leading forest management companies to develop standards based on the  ‘10 Principles for Forest Stewardship’ by which responsible forest practice can be measured. FSC, as an international network to promote responsible management of the world’s forests, brings people together to find solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practices and to reward good forest management





The roof is TrimDek by Lysaght in the same colour as the rest of the roof, Shale Grey. The fascia will match the rest of the house in Bushland Grey and the gutter is Manor Red. The windows were part of a job lot bought from the local tip shop for $80.00. They needed new sash springs and a couple of panes of glass. We removed the paint using the Swedish Stripper (see earlier posts for explanation!).  











                The next job was to remove the weatherboards from the sunroom on the back of the house so that we can strip them of paint and then use them on the Porch. We are goint to line the porch with them as well to match the front of the house.   





































































































































































































































































































































































































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