Overdue for a Manners meandering update !!

I have been slack!! Very slack!!  I have not updated the site for at least two months and before that only briefly. It certainly is not due to nothing happening. In fact it has been the opposite. Now the days are longer and we can spend more time working on the house. It is also prime performance time for puppet shows so we are adding another skill to our repetoire…..JUGGLING….. juggling work, house, house, dog walks, community work, the house… etc etc etc.

Since an extremely successful Sustainable House Open Day in mid September we have been into Spring madness with Sean’s puppet shows at lots and lots of Agricutural shows and festivals along with a very colourful flag painting project involving 25 primary schools and the hugely popular Tasmanian Craft Fair held in Deloraine every year.

So work excuses aside what have we achieved with the house? Well we got our building permission from Council and so have been spending lots of time tracking down double glazing options for the windows and doors as well as what sort of piers we should use under the building.

In early November we started at the front of the house on the front porch. Have a look at the porch page for all the nitty gritty! We are lucky enough to have found Handy Andy who is an alternative house builder and all round handyman. He built the framing and roof for the porch. The rest of of is up to us.

Andy will come back soon to start work on taking the sunroom off the back of the house and continue on with the extension. We have also found a green plumber. He is based a little way away but I think he will be worth it as he understands all the grey water, water tanks etc that we want to do.

Basically look under The Blurb for all the new stuff on double glazing, the porch, piers and joists and bearers and stuff.

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