Deck the halls (or undeck the deck)

the rear deck

When we moved in there was a large timber deck at the back door. At first glance you might have thought ‘what a great entertaining area’ until you trod on it and realised that it was not very well built with a lot of spring and ingrained dirt.

Last year we pressure washed it which made a difference but with the progress, albeit slow, of the renovations it had to be removed.

Deck with railings removed

Kevin removed all the railings and posts. I then had about a thousand decking nails to pull out so that the decking could be removed.

the last piece of decking

The resulting network of bearers we managed to cut in half and transport down the garden in two pieces. This will be transmogrified into a roof structure to cover the two shipping containers.

Now we have cleared the decks we can see what we have to deal with to build the extension. Looks like we will have to cut through the concrete pad that was under the deck whereever we need to put a post.

The deck aint there no more

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