The new porch. The saga continues


Slowly the new porch is taking shape. Slowly seems to be the main word. It takes time to remove old weatherboards from elsewhere and then  strip them before you cut them up to refit them elsewhere. However you do get a satisfaction of not throwing materials away and re-using them. The weatherboards that were taken off the sunroom have been painstakingly stripped of old paint and new Rockcote primer painted on. These have been put on over the builders wrap. The sunroom weatherboards were not enough so old ones off the single garage have been used.

The doorway was a little problematic but the frame was removed from the Laundry entrance and replaced in the porch. Youy can check out a slide show of where we are up to in the galleries section of the website.

door frame removed from laundry

door frame was on the laundry

Next move is to create a window sill for the western window and then fill in the nail holes and paint everything. The internals will have to wait until winter.

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