“The Gentle Art of Owner Unbuilding…” part two

Finishing off realigning the roof

Roof realigned amidst sea of mud

The Owner Unbuilding is nearly at a  conclusion. We have unbuilt the 100 square meters of concrete that surrounded the sunroom and we have now completely unbuilt the sunroom.

Andy Dunn did a fantastic job of reusing and recycling all the colorbond off the roof and the timbers from within the roof. The only new products were some ecoash that we are using for the studwork and a Hyspan laminated beam from Carter Holy Harvey purchased through Timber World at Meander.

Hyspan beam being fitted

The designers had specified hard wood beams to use as a lintel but obtaining those in long enough lengths and as a sustainable resource is hard. I emailed Mark Grouios, the technical manager for Carter Holt Harvey Woodproducts, Vic region what I required the lintel to do and he sent me a design certificate with the lintel size choices in Hyspan. Hyspan is a laminated beam made from certified pine.

The house is now realigned and surrounded by a sea of mud as the rain came just after Andy Dunn finished off the roof.

We have ordered the footings and are waiting for the processing etc before they can be done. We are using MegaAnchors which are going to be installed by Access Solutions  who are based south of Hobart and cover the whole state. MegaAnchors are a low impact product that are driven into the ground and do not use concrete. This is very satisfying for us as it fits well into our sustainable ethic. Also on a more practical note as our sewer line runs very close to a line of piers these anchors can be inserted very close to stormwater and sewer lines with no impact, provided they know exactly where they are.

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