The unbuilding is finished and the construction begins – at long last


Firstly must apologise about the long time between posts. Not that there has been nothing going on more that there has been too much!

When we removed the concrete we discovered that our stormwater pipes had been broken for years and the water had been been disapated underneath the concrete, right where we want to build the extension. LOVELY!!

The answer after consulting with the local Council was to put in new stormwater. This had to be directed around the outside of the footprint of the new extension and led right to the boundary of the property.

On a very wet day we finally got an excavator in from Launceston Bobcat Hire, who is based in Westbury. He dug the trenches which promptly filled with water as it ran from the roof.

A few days later our plumber Bart fitted the stormwater pipes and linked it to the Council stormwater pipe at the edge of our garden. Shame that this was blocked and broken. All credit to the MEander Valley Council they inspected the problem and within ten days came and laid a new stormwater pipe to connect with the network of storm drains that criss cross Westbury.

Stormwater trench

Kevin filling in trenches

 Just prior to this we had decided to replace the old galvanised mains water pipe from the meter as we were sick and tired of brown washing from the rust. A trench was dug along the house and after a few adventures trying to get hold of a plumber we found Bart Radings who very efficiently and quickly came along and replaced the pipe with the modern equivalent. On Ya Bart!

Waterpipe trench goes right along side of house to front garden

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