Fence palings and old mini orb: Renovation of the last bedroom


Parents and sister were coming to visit in April 2010. We had one spare bedroom and …………………………..

My workshop


The smallest room of the house we were using as a workshop. We had enclosed half  the built in wardrobe in the first bedroom we renovated and knocked through the wall from this bedroom but gone no further. First job was to tidy up theshipping containers, put in shelving and move all the gear down the garden. Then work could begin on the rebuilding of the wardrobe.

Starting the wardrobe wardrobe nearly there


wardrobe finished for now

 Finally the wardrobe was completed, the original doors from the other bedroom fitted a treat, and we could get on with the rest of the room. By now  we had worked out that we would do this room along an Australian rustic theme. Sean had picked up from the tip some sheets of rusty original mini orb and had some fence palings that have travelled with us from Bathurst and been used for many things.  This would be the basis of our rusty or is that rustic room.

Fence palings would be used for picture rails and the mini orb for window pelmet and under glass as a dressing table. A feature wall using Volvox clay paint mixed with ochre cement colouring would glow in the morning light as it come in the Eastern window. This is what we thought we would do and as it turned out we did.

Floors sanded and Volvox hard wax oil used.

Feature wall

 We used two secondhand filing cabinets and a hollow core door (those doors again) to create a large desk as Sean will use it as his office soon.

Mini orb pelmet

 The pelmet worked really well with the yellow curtains

mini orb light shade

 The light shade was bought for $1.00 in an op shop and the cane covering taken off carefully and used as a template. Cut out six shapes from the mini orb and laced it on to the wire frame with copper wire taken from old electrical wiring.

light shade

AND FINALLY THE ROOM WAS READY FOR VISITORS. Quite fitting that the bed we had bought when my parents visited our Bathurst house in 2000. It is an old miners bed which we totally rebuilt.

Finished room

 Unfortunatley Sean’s parents were in UK and the volcanic eruption in Iceland put paid to their visit at this time