Another year on

Well its now about 2 years since we bought the house in Westbury. Initially I thought it would be a two year project. Plenty of time, two years! Well it may be in verybody else’s world but in our world we are only half way through the renovation.

true we have had little things like work and health issues and community work, but still some days it feels like we have achieved nothing.

Time seems to compress itself when ownerbuilding. I had read other articles about this but until you experience it for your self it makes no sense. One job leads to three or four more which have to be done before you can do the next big job. Then there always the jobs which  you will get round to. But never do. You know the ones, the ones that make or break the finishing of the room or sanding the plaster so you can paint.
We still have the studio to build although the dinig room and kitchen are well under way. The electrician has been and fitted LED downlights which are great. The plumber has fitted out the second toilet and laundry and belatedly installed our enviro saver valve which directs all the cold water in the hot water pipe into a water tank. Amazing how quick the hot water cools down. The plumber was a little bemused.
The garden being halfway through winter looks like @#$% and we only have 6 weeks before we open for another Sustainable House Day. Somewhere we have to find time to finish a ton of stuff, publicise SHD 2010 and make it all work and update this blog as well.
Oh well the impossible we do now and miracles take a little longer.

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