The extension rises – at long last !!!

I have been very tardy and slack about keeping this site up to date. This has been because I along with Andy Dunn the builder have been busy building. Yes actually building the extension. After five months of the floor just being a floor and being out in the elements everything came together, the engineering hiccups were sorted and we were able to start.

As I am just doing a catch up page without too much detail but plenty of photo’s I will let them tell the story.

Just to flesh out the skeleton a little and to plug the sustainable attributes the building is made up of the following sustainable materials.

  • LVL’s – Laminated Veneer Lumber. A sustainable laminated product which I sourced from Carter Holt Harvey and is FSC accredited and can be made in any length that is needed. these were used for the wall cross beams and the rafters
  • Eco ash. – A plantation hardwood that was a direct replacement for pine framing. Great to use and locally produced in Tassie but unfortunately the company has gone bust!
  • Glu-lam beam. – Main spine beam in the roof is a laminated beam made up of glued pieces of approx 2″ x 1″ timber. Ours was 11 meters long, 420mm deep and 65mm wide and weighed in at 500 kilos. Put in place in 20 minutes by a crane.
  • Double Glazing. We chose Rylock windows made in Melbourne, double glazed with a 12mm air gap, they are a composite window with powder coated alumnium exterior and plantation victorian ash inside. they are bloody heavy, open beautifully and fit very well.
  • Colorbond roof and wall cladding. Steel is not the greatest for embodied energy. However if you take the relative small amount that is being used, the fact that it will be over a lifespan of many years, it is recyclable and that it is lightweight then it is not a bad choice.
  • Recycled weatherboards on rear porch
  • Recycled art deco doors for back doors.
  • Masonite brace board. Masonite is made purely from compressed hardwood sawdust so no glues, no outgassing. Sadly no longer Australian made.

There are many more recycled materials that we plan on using on the inside, but that will be another story.

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