Another New Year, another extension

Well the same extension but a different year. Time has stretched and compressed and we are spending more time on puppetry and growing veggies and less time on building. Trouble is it makes me feel guilty. I watch all these brick veneereal disease houses spring up like the weeds which with the wet beginning of Summer are every where, and I wonder why oh why are we doing what we are doing. I should be time poor like the rest of the world seems to be.

In actual fact I think that Mandy & I are priviledged to have time to ponder, research and reflect. It is time that needs to be taken and often with the so called pressures of the modern world it is used for other  purposes.

We are becoming more and more concerned with the speed that the world seems to be eating itself up, there are more like minded people that we are coming into contact with but it sometimes feel a little futile.

Anyway enough belly button introinterinspection and on with the reno.

Where are we at??

Well pictures tell a thousand words so I will create another slide show or two and put them here and add to the photo galleries.

Extension as of Feb 2011

 If you want to see how far we have come with the extension then have a look at the photo galleries page under extension. It puts it all into perspective.

 We have finished the outside of the extension and fitted the Art Deco double back doors, stripped back the weather boards on one third of the back of the house and repainted, finished the back porch and found some leaks when we had some very odd rain from the East. Something which hardly ever happens. These are being fixed as we type.

The doors are a story unto themselves and I will devote a post all to themselves. It seems that we have a bit of an affair with doors!

Since I saved this in drafts I had hiccups with photo software and thus this draft has been relegated for a while but now I am determined to get it finished. Last Sunday we had a successful Sustainable Skills Day, held in the unfinished extension. 12 people came to learn about the simple things in life such as sourdough bread making, bottling and preserving, they also shared their wisdoms. A very satisfying and simple day with the feedback that it should be repeated.

Inside we have moved on a wee bit. The wiring has been roughed in and we have insulated the walls with wool insulation. This has about 20% polyester in it to prevent it from sagging but otherwise it is off the sheeps back and easily available from Wedds in Launceston. We had not worked out what to use as a wall cladding behind what will become a row of floor to ceiling cupboards. Not particular about plasterboard. Then the thought came that Real Estate signs are made from Coreflut ot Correx a plastic twinwalled corrugated product that quite often gets thrown away. I contacted our real estate agent Kathy at Woolcock Partners who collected a large number of these signs. They are 1200 high and 900 wide and so fit perfectly on the studs. We used cement sheet joiners to join them together and made our “Homage to Real Estate”. This will be only seen when we open cupboard doors so will be fairly subtle. I am going to chase up whatactually happens to the Coreflut waste in Tasmania because itis fully recyclable on the mainland accordingto the manufacturers website.

West wall with wool insulation

Homage to real estate

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