A tale of two back doors

It seems to be a recurrent theme in this house.  DOORS. Good thing I say, they are a very handy thing stopping large amounts of draught from wandering uninvited around the house. If they are too do such an important job then they might as well be intersting to look at.

These disconnected wandering thoughts are  the authors own.

So the back doors. When we were building the dining room we knew we wanted some sort of french doors but had to put a single door in with a temporary sheet of ply as an interim measure as winter was coming.

A lovely look as you can see. In the meantime Andy the builder was asking us to get the doors so that he could build the right size frame. A visit to see George at Launceston Salvage Co,  ended up with us being the second owners of a pair of Art Deco leadlight doors built in 1939. They had been stored under the original house for 15 years and were in great condition.

New old back doors

We brought them home, leaned up against the wall in the kitchen and there they stayed for the next 4 months. We had to get a frame custom built that cost more than the doors and door furniture suitable for an outside door. There was no furniture on them when we bought them.

The months go by and quite rightly Andy does not want to fit them in until all the building on the extension is finished just in case they become damaged.

Finally the doors are in!!

Finally the day came when they could take pride of place instead of the grotty old core  door and the painting outside was also completed. It is only when you look back that yoou realise the big differences that have happened.

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