Boxing clever!! Insulating the HWS

This was done a little while ago. A job I had been meaning to do. I know everybody has lots of those right!

Well this was done because winter was coming on and I had a large supply of coreflute real estate signs and some polystyrene sheeting leftover from the large double glazed doors that were delivered for the extension build.

The whole thing as you will see is built from recycled materials. The light wooden frame was old treated pine decking ripped down the middle to make lightweight battens. These were screwed to coreflute plastic realestate signs, polystyrene insulation put in the middle and another layer of coreflute on the top and then lined inside with silver insulating paper

making the panels


inside the box


Finished box

Fitted a digital thermometer inside and watched the readout. First time it appeared to stay approx 15 degrees centigrade above ambient temperature. That was great until I looked inside the box and saw that the sensor had fallen against the copper hot water outlet.

Approx 7-9 degrees above ambient

Second try fixed it to inside wall of box. Now it reads approx 7 – 9 degrees above ambient, keeping it above zero on our cold Tassie nights.

Does it make a difference to power use??? Well I don’t know because our Siddon heat pump is having a de-icing issue and is running for 10 – 15 hrs at a time at night on cold nights. I have spoken to Siddons who have said that there has been a problem with some de-icing units. Apparently it takes warmth from the hot water tank and draws it back through compressor and sometimes the sensor that tells it when to stop fails.

This problem was noticed because of the energy monitoring software. I was looking through the data one morning and noticed how long the unit had been running. Then I could look back at previous data and compare it to temperatures. It is on the list to be fixed, awaiting spare parts.

I will let you know the outcome of the insulating box when it has been fixed.

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