Sunday SEPTEMBER 11th 10.00am – 4.00pm

Its that time of year again. Sustainable House Day. The third year for us in Northern Tassie and the tenth year of the whole event.

Sustainable House Day is a wonderful chance to see sustainable living in action. Talk to the householders about the way that they have gone about making their homes sustainable. Ask what is working and what doesn’t work.

This year we have thirteen locations open in Northern Tasmania with a wide variety of houses opening their doors to visitors. If you wish to find out where the houses are is the place to go to and see where any of the 200 plus houses are around Australia. If you are in Northern Tasmania then you will be able to pick up a map from The Building Selection Centre, York St, Launceston; Meander Valley Council, Westbury; West Tamar Council, Riverside; Kentish Council, Sheffield; The Wilderness Shop, Launceston; or Deloraine Visitors Centre, Emu Bay Road, Deloraine. Or download a pdf version here map a4

The thirteen locations are spread between Sheffield, Gowrie Park, Jackys Marsh, Meander, Deloraine, Quamby Brook, Westbury, Riverside, and Holwell.

On the day, Sunday 11th September, houses will be open from 10.00am to 4.00pm. They will be clearly signposted in there local areas. Look for the balloons!!

Some of the areas of interest this year are strawbale and cob homes being built, water turbine for power, double glazing, steel framed housing, non toxic finishes, off grid and grid connect solar, led lighting, to name just a few.

Sustainable House Day an initiative of  the Australian Solar Energy Society  now the Australian Solar Council, and is run by SHMECO at a national level, and by community groups at local level. The Northern Tasmanian event is run by the Friends of Jackeys Marsh Inc who have a fantastic Forest Festival every two years. The next one is in early 2012.Our event is run by volunteers including the householders who open their doors to the visiting public.

Last year we had over 200 people visit 8 different locations in Northern Tasmania. This year we are hoping for more as people are definitely wanting to learn more about sustainable living.

Northern Tasmania SHD would not be able to operate without our sponsors and local council


Meander Valley Council


Bio Distributors, Sheffield, Tasmania


Lateral Building Design, Invermay, Tasmania

Innovative design solutions.

 Home Efficiency Group

 “Comfort and Energy Savings”

1300 96 80 60 or see our display at the Home Ideas Centre, 262 York Street, Launceston TAS 7250

 Insulation, Ducted Air Transfer Systems, Condensation Control Systems and Solar Roof Heat Recovery.

Living Energy Design, Invermay, Tasmania

LED Lighting Specialists

Building Selection Centre, 262 York Street, Launceston TAS 7250

Bronze Sponsor

Middle Earth Construction, Evandale, Tasmania

Strawbale construction.

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