Stepping out !!

After approx two years of having a dodgy set of steps made from pine decking and 4 x 2 treated pine joists taken up from the old deck we decided it was time to upgrade to a set that befitted the new deck.

Enter Lee, a neighbour of ours who created our gabion and old paling fence. He gave the view that the steps should have a curve or fan to them and get away from the straight lines that the extension is all about.

After much discussion it was decided that the whole extension needs anchoring with materials that are weighty in look and organic in feel. To meld in with the fence in fact. Sleepers and stone, recycled materials and natural local rock. Fanning out from a cylindrical gabion.

Lee starting the steps

Lee got to work with heavy duty galvanised angle and railway sleepers, creating a three tread step on the eastern side and a four tread step on the northern side.

Galvanised angle framework

These were surrounded with mesh and some old fibreglass roofing, then filled with 20mm blue metal. The completed steps look like they belong and are a great size to have planter pots on them and still have room to walk up and down.

gabion cage and steps unfilled

finished northern end steps


Finished Eastern end steps

Work is now progressing on a gabion deck surround to tie in the steps and the extension.

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