“A Tasmanian green renovation” …. It just makes sense

Why a Green Renovation ??

WHY NOT !!  It just makes sense.


Sean, Mandy, and Jade the Jack Russell sold GreenTasReno house in May of 2019 after completing all the renovations. We then moved into our investment property for 16 months whilst buiding a sustainable hempcrete home. We moved into Westbury Hemphouse in September 2020.

July 2022 update: Westbury Hemp House is once again open for casual tours once a month. For more information about the tours please head on over to our website www.diyeco.com.au

You can follow our journey building a new solar passive hempcrete home also in Westbury at our new blog www.greentasbuilder.wordpress.com . See what we did with  renovating a rental property in a sustainable way so that tenants might enjoy the same low power bills and healthy living as we do, www.greentasrenter.wordpress.com



Welcome to our GreenTas Reno, our blog that follows the renovation we carried out to our 1950’s weatherboard and tin roofed house in the picturesque village of Westbury, Tasmania, Australia. Here you will find information, links and pictures of our renovation as it progresses.

Although we finished renovating in 2018 and the blog around that time also alot of the information will still be relevant. I apologise if links are broken or not relevant anymore. Keeping up with link checking etc on a blog that has over 130 posts is a full time job on its own.

To see the latest updates check out THE BLURB!! in the Index or the archives. To find specific things make use of the search bar.

Use the Index in the side menu to have a look at posts on each room, the exterior, and the garden as it progresses.

Subjects like hot water systems, roofing, solar , paints and finishes, and many other things that we are including in our renovation.

Most important of all make sustainable changes to your house and the world reaps the benefit.

  • Use sustainable or recycled products.
  • Non toxic coatings on floors and walls
  • Sensible insulation
  • Solar power
  • Alternative hot water systems
  • Publications and websites that offer some of this information
  • Introduce new technologies that help reduce waste in this wasteful world.
  • Half the fun is in the challenge and hunt for these things.
  • Spread the word about products that work or not in some cases.


To find out the reasons as to why we did what we did check out the “About Us” page