IT’S FINISHED !!!! (the extension that is)

A week after New Year and one year and one week after reaching  lockup stage the studio extension is finally finished. I mean really finished (except for doors on upper cupboards)

Finished roomfurniture in place

looking south

Its a little weird really after all this time to look at the room and realise that we can use it for its intended purpose as our working studio. What is even stranger  is that it turned out exactly as planned.

We had finished the cupboards and knew that there was a lot of trim to be put up. Between the windows, above the windows, around the cupboards, skirting board. The list went on and on. After much thinking about what sort of trim and realising that there were small discrepancies that needed ironing out it appeared that a painted plywood trim might work. It could be planed here and there where necessary and be cut to suit easily.loads a trim

A measure up and then off to Timber World in Meander to source some 12mm plywwod with a good face. they have a cutting service which was not expensive and saved alot of time. Don’t forget that you may need to allow for sanding if the cutting is a little rough and you see the edges like we do.

Much thought went into colour for the trim. Around the cupboards was easy. White, the same as the cupboards. Around the windows was not as easy to decide but eventually a little trickery was decided upon. As our internal doors had been tricked up with copper paint we thought that it would be fun to have the effect of rusting metal. Paints Plus at Invermay is our local Haymes paint store. Haymes are an Australian family owned paint company who have kept the multinationals at bay and have a good eco credential. They also make a rust effect paint as well as the copper one that we used previously.rust paint

You paint on two coats of this dark grey paint and then paint an oxidising patina onto it. With some experimentation we learnt how much to paint on. Nothing seems to happen and then after a few days you can see surface rust starting to appear.

The room looked great after I added the dark grey panels. A 5mm shadow gap was left at each join. I could only add the panels to the top half of the room as the floor had to be laid before finishing off.trim being added

wardrobe trim

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