Jade – A welcome addition

As any of you who visit this site regularly would know about a year ago we lost our mini foxy terrier, Tessa. She had been part of our adventures for about twelve years and was very much missed.

Well a week ago Jade joined the family. Jade is a four year old Foxy cross Jack Russell with a zest for life and a nose that gets into everything. She had been in the RSPCA shelter at Devonport, Tasmania since July. Very happy go lucky and bright as a button.

The RSPCA operate a great website called Adopt A Pet which you can search to see what dogs they have anywhere in the country. The beaut thing about getting a dog from RSPCA is that you are homing an unwanted dog and not lining the pockets of puppy farms and breeders. They come microchipped, which even if it was not law, is a great idea, and desexed. There are enough unwanted puppies in Oz so no need to add to them.

Look at me, look at me.

Jade the Foxy/Jack Russell

One thought on “Jade – A welcome addition

  1. I like Jade. She looks cute. I reckon Arthur and Jade would get into serious amounts of nifty strife if left to their noses and own devices! 🙂
    Looking good Sean and Mandy 🙂 I wanna see the kitchen!

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