SoFa so good!

Mandy & I decided that we would like one big piece of furniture in the studio. Everything else is on wheels and can be packed away when not needed to  make the studio very adaptable.

We use it mainly as a working studio creating puppets, mosaics, textiles and anything else that our work dictates but thought  it might be nice to have somewhere to be able to lie down and reflect on stuff.

So one day Mandy says that she has just been to the Deloraine tip shop and found a sofa for ten bucks. Very long and kinda nineties with faded floral fabric and overstuffed top cushions, but in good condition and hadn’t got wet or mouldy.

sofa before renovation


So in it comes. What to do with it. We looked online for eco fabrics and found linens and hemp and organic cottons. All very expensive and in fairly mundane and drab colours or very light colours which would not work with Jade the Jack Russell who would of course claim it has her own!!

Mandy took apart all the cushion covers and used them as patterns and started collecting pairs of jeans from the op shops. If you bought them on the right day you could get them for $2 a pair and Mandy bought the largest sizes she could to get the most denim. Denim being a great furnishing fabric. Tough, hard wearing, recycled and adaptable. She also kept an eye out for cord trousers and jackets as cord tends to come in brighter colours.

Jeans from the op shop

Much cutting, patching, sewing and trying later and the sofa came into fruition. Cost was $10 for the sofa, $50 for the jeans, and approx $10 for thread and needles. It is very comfortable and Jade thinks it is hers!!

Sofa finished

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