Kitchen Kapers part 3

Well I have been very remiss in updating this site as time rushes past at a rate of knots.

First a slideshow to remind what was and what is

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kitchen is now completed

It all takes time stripping back old floorboards to become architraves, painting, doing the laundry (see seperate post) etc.

Just a quick recap as to how our kitchen is sustainable.

  • Recycled kitchen carcasses
  • Remilled timbers from demolition of original laundry/kitchen
  • reused collected timbers
  • Plantation Australian grown Hoop Pine Plywood
  • Livos natural counter top oil
  • Gilly Stephenson beeswax
  • Recycled kitchen dresser
  • Recycled Range Hood
  • Mini orb door inserts
  • Timber benchtops
  • Local cabinet maker used to make and install kitchen

Anyway here are some pictures that will save a hundred words

Along the west wall

Multi timber corner unit. Made from Myrtle,Black Hearted Sassafras, and others.

Recycled secondhand range hood. Stainless steel splashback right along wall

We have had sliding shelves and panels put in to make life a little easier. one carries the kettle and toaster. Slide it out, use it, slide it out of sight.

Now you see it

Now you don’t!

We also did this with the narrow cupboard next to this. It house brooms and mops etc and they slide out on two plywood board with hanging hooks.

Cleaning mops etc on sliding panel

Cleaning cupboard from other side

The other side of the kitchen is also finished with all the paraphernalia on display

South and East wall

And finally looking North through to the studio

Jelly moulds on display on bulkhead wall

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Kapers part 3

  1. It was nice to visit again, thank you. The kitchen looks really beautifullove that mixed timber corner unti, it shows the variant beauty of wood. I hope to put the same treatment you put on the your benchtops onto my hardwood vintage table. So thanks for that too. Bit of curious history: I found your blog last yr after I came up with the idea of putting tongue & groove on our ceiling because it would be easier than repairing our 25 yr old gyprock ceiling which would need repair & a total replaster. We plan to use the idea and paint gloss white to maximize light. Your blog has the honour of being the first blog I ever read. Since then I have gone onto read hundreds of blogs and start my own, the timing was perfect as I lost mobility due to a still undiagnosed chronic pain illness. I still love to visit your blog. Cheers

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