Laundry wash tub blues (or in this case red!)

The new laundry is a small space off the kitchen. In the original house layout it was a space under the roof line that was a short hallway outside of the back door. All very strange and not a good use of space. It is about 1200mm wide and 1700mm long.

Old laundry, accessed from outside

Before we started

It was one of those jobs that I had been putting off because I knew it would be quite a grind. Waterproofing, tiling, painting, installing washing machine, making a bench, shelving etc etc etc.

Anyway after the kitchen was finished we set to and painted the walls down to where the tiling would meet after first doing the cornicing. the we laid villaboard down onto the plywood floor. Then a waterproofing compound up the prescribed 40mm up the wall. In fact much higher than that. Photos taken all the way to satisfy (I hope) council.

Waterproofing first coat

All waterproofed

Now for the tiling. This is when I found out that the seconds we had bought were seconds for a reason. Not quite square all of them so made the laying of them a little awkward as was cutting them as my tile cutter is 300mm wide and these tiles 330mm wide. So out came the diamond tip grinding wheel.

After tiling and grouting the walls and floors it was time to install a bench. Now when our glass for the extension siding double glazed doors was shipped from the mainland it came in a big plywood box. The sides I used in the building of extension, but the top and bottom were 75mm thick planks of pine. I had kept them for this very purpose so out came the biscuit jointer, belt sander, and orbital sander. Two coats of  Volvox hard wax oil to protect the whole bench and a couple of holes for the washing machine hoses and voila.

Meanwhile for the splashback Mandy had been working on a mosaic of chinese dragons in red, black, and yellow. This was made in four panels with pre-drilled screw holes where studs were. It all fitted a treat and was protected with grout sealer.

Grouting the dragons

Dragons, bench and red laundry tub

Lastly our pulley system washing hanger upper was installed and a blind on the window. No dryer but a space for one on the wall, the laundry tub resprayed fire engine red, a couple of shelves, and our super efficient front loader Asko washing machine and it was finished. The washing machine and tub are plumbed into our rainwater tanks.

Dragons, bench and washing hanger

3 thoughts on “Laundry wash tub blues (or in this case red!)

  1. We need to come back to Tassie for a visit soon – your whole house keeps growing & is just fantastic. We remember last helping by angle grinding the original deck – you have come so far since!! Just love the rock cage things and the art work in them and the mosaics are just brilliant!

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