Post xmas 2012 update

Have realised that I have not added anything to this blog since the end of August!!

Pretty slack!!

It is not that things have not been happening it is just pure laziness on my part, oh and earning a living and walking the dog, and doing community stuff, and so it goes on.

Mostly since August I was concentrating on finishing things off so we could get our final inspection from Council which was granted 06/12/12 A milestone. Does it mean that the house is finished, well NO. Just the parts that were submitted to Council three and a half years ago. Basically the extension, kitchen, laundry and deck.

When troy the building inspector came around he cast his eye around, asked for two things to be done and that was it. Six weeks later I reminded council that they were issuing the Final Inspection certificate, and they got around to it.

So since August I built the ramp off the deck (see post on that under Deck). Had another 2Kw of solar added as a seperate system. We now have a 1kw system and a 2 kw system. Both running seperate inverters etc.

both inverters, 2kw is underneath

both inverters, 2kw is underneath

1 kw solar and 2 kw solar underneath

1 kw solar and 2 kw solar underneath

The other major thing we have done is to tidy up the area around the steps. As you can see above we have filled with some more decking, built a water tank stand for a 1000 litre zinc tank that we have had for a couple of years doing nothing and created a screen to hang a “Love Life!” sculpture made by friends Zane and Sally.

Love Life !

Love Life !

Other little things include running a grey water divert right under the extension to a large tank with a submersible pump. when it fills the pump comes on and waters our native trees at the end of the garden. Constant garden attention in spring time keeps Mandy busy between working, oh and we replaced the fence. The original 50 meters of paling fence was held together with barbed wire and spit. It only took a day and a half to put the new one up but days of denailing, stacking, sorting and we have only cut up a fraction. Waiting for winter so we can burn some of it in our wood heater.

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