Hallway revamp

After New year we decided that it was time to get on and resume the reno’s. The hall way seemed like the place to start.

It is 11 meters long but only a meter wide and was lit by one globe in the middle. It has doors to the new toilet, bathroom, spare room, office and to short front hall way. Lots and lots of blue painted doorframes and skirting to strip.

We had decided to cut a hole in the bathroom wall to let  in  more northern light. We did this between the studs creating two fan lights. We pinched the architraves from around the bathroom and toilet doors to make the architrave around the new glass.

The green aspects of the hall were:

  • Re-used the skirting and architraves after stripping five layers of  paint and oiling with Volvox hard wax oil
  • Recycled safety glass in new fanlights
  • Sanded floor and then hard wax oiled and waxed
  • Sealant behind skirting to stop drafts
  • New Led lighting on ceiling

We also put a hanging rail system on the one wall and the hall way has become our own linear art gallery for Mandy’s quilts. Also serves as a dog run on wet days when Jade the Jack Russell builds up break neck speed and skids around a 90 degree right turn in the kitchen to avoid a full frontal crash with  the oven!

Hallway in 2009 with carpet and baby blue doorframes

Hallway in 2009 with carpet and baby blue doorframes

Carpet lifted

Carpet lifted

fanlights into bathroom

fanlights into bathroom

finished hallway

finished hallway

led tracklighting

led tracklighting

One thought on “Hallway revamp

  1. Hi Sean, Congrats on finishing the inside of the house, it looks beautiful!! You and Mandy are certainly doing a fantastic project… It’s so inspiring.

    We are getting closer to completing our small reno – opening up a room to sun and views of the garden to the east and north that previously only windowed to the very hot, west! Last weekend the double glass opening door frame went in and yesterday the glass was installed in the two fixed panels either side of the doors. W are very excited that the end is getting closer.

    Although we haven’t had a high priority of sustainability, we had considered the bamboo flooring you recommended. I’ve seen your recent post about the polyethylene surface scratching and the cover stick … that’s good, thanks.

    We have a medium size dog who likes to tear around the house when she gets excited, not to mention the visiting 10 year old who can’t resist the temptation to ‘wind her up’ and I’m concerned that I will be disappointed or worse, obsess and restrict excitement and activity because I’m overly concerned about the floor.

    If you were doing the job again, is there another product you would choose? I’d love to hear your current thoughts.

    Hope you all well and looking forward to a fun family holiday season.

    Warm regards Virginia Heydon

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