New Plans for the house!!





Well finally after much searching on the web I found a software package that I could afford, was simple to use and didn.t take hours to download only to find that it wouldn’t work. So I got to work to redraw the house plans as the last ones were done using a mix of Publisher and SmartDraw. SmartDraw trial ran out and I wasn’t go and spend $400 on it although it is a good product. The new one is called HomePlan Pro, you get a thirty day trial and then it is only $40.00 US to purchase. So far it has been very easy to use and seems to have everything that I need.

It is now seven months since we moved in and we have had time to see how the house might work. The thinking at the moment is to turn it into a four bedroom house with one and a half baths, a large kitchen/living area and an extension to the rear that can be used as a studio or another family room with a deck off of that. With a reasonably large back yard (half an acre) we think that four bedrooms in the future will be more useful than three.


House plan, Feb 09

House plan, Feb 09


Proposed plan, Feb 09

Proposed plan, Feb 09

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