2013 update

I must be the slackest blogger in 2013. this is the first update since December 2012.

This does not mean that we have not been busy. Far from it. We started the year with finishing  the hallway, then moved on to creating a snug lounge room next to the kitchen and at the moment we are removing walls and floor from bathroom/toilet to create a new all in one space with insulation in the floors and walls.

See next few posts to see the story.

Other things we have been busy with is a slow but ongoing shed reno with laserlite being put into the roof. It needed to be straightened up quite alot as it was leaning rather. Eventually we will reclad it, insualte and line the inside. Also we have continued with our gabion fence and had a great pedestrian gate created to enter the backyard.

So it has now been five years in a two year project and I was reflecting about what worked and what has not. Here is a list of what we have found to be a bit of a dud or what we were not very good at

  • Oikos paint – supposedly for outside but peeled off after two years.
  • Clear Comfort glazing film – Where it has worked it is brilliant but issues with the double sided tape sticking on Bio brand water based enamel paint.
  • Tiling – leave it to the professionals
  • Bamboo flooring – has worked in the studio but will not use in the kitchen as the surface scratches a little too easily and shows up as a white mark

Now the things we have loved

  • Mega anchors – brilliant bit of engineering kit
  • Volvox hard wax oil for floors, architraves, furniture – bloody good
  • Recycled back doors
  • our recycled timber kitchen
  • Clay based paint, now available as an Australian product through Rockcote
  • Led lighting
  • Plastic/wood composite deck

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