Plans for extensions and renovations into Council

At long last our plans for our extension on the North side of the house and renovations to kitchen and bathroom have come back from Lateral Draftinga nd are in at Council for approval.

The original idea has changed somewhat with innovative input from Lateral Drafting. We are now looking at a large family room/studio space that will have a skillion butterfly roof with lots of north facing glazing to catch the winter heat from the sun. The room is seperated from the original house by a small skillion roofed extension that will be clad in Macrocarpa pine and will have a pair of doors to replace our current back door. This will also be our dining area.

The roof of the main extension is going to be of Colorbond steel as is the Western wall and under the Eastern windows. The walls are going to be a dark red and the roof light grey. We have found a fantastic recycled flooring product and internally walls will be clad in painted masonite as it is a natural product with no glues etc.

Windows will be double glazed and hopefully made from recycled Tassie oak. The outside decking is still being researched.

artist impression of extension

artist impression of extension

original layout of house

original layout of house

new plans for house july 2009

new plans for house july 2009


2 thoughts on “Plans for extensions and renovations into Council

  1. hey fabulous blog! well done. our story is somewhat similar to yours but we’re coming from Perth! We’ve found our dream house in Strahan and we’re hoping to do something similar to yours except we want to be off the grid – not sure how we’ll acheive that…

    we’ve heard some horror stories of the crazy backward council systems they have in Tassie and are a bit worried about the council approval process do you have any words of wisdom on this?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Happy renovations!

    • Hi, just read your comments when checking out Sean web again. LOL. Yes Tassy councils have been backward at times in some areas, but in other areas, ok, even easier than other states! It’s all relative!

      AND we are being “pushing” into the Australian Standard very fast! Personally we at Lateral Drafting haven’t dealt with Strahan, but many Building Designers have! Check out the BDAT (Building Designers of Tasmania) web page. What ever you do… keep on the side of the council authorities, then you will succeed! Good Luck! Cheers Michelle Hall

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